Company Vision and Focus: Avenir Energy

Avenir = Future and excellent things to come. This new independent energy company is bringing the latest capabilities in Energy from Australia, Asia and globally to deliver lower-cost energy solutions to the world. The management and partners have delivered value from upstream and connected energy systems globally and are investing in a new company / ecosystem to leap-frog existing approaches to oil and gas. Put simply, our vision is:


Higher value, cleaner energy for all - in new markets.


Half-the-cost, half-the-time to the sweet spot of energy assets.


Partnerships for value creation to all stakeholders.


What we do How we do it Recent Examples
>30% Cost Out
Data, experience-driven analytics, integrated
and innovative operating models, supply
chain step-change - with teams, partners
Australian ,
Asian and European
Portfolio Value
APAC and Analog portfolio growth
strategies, new markets, Fast capital/Higher
IRR, Production/Cash-flow with upside, corridors
North AmericanIOCs
Energy Transition
Energy company of the future, Integration
of Energy from E&P to utilities, Supply
chain ecosystems, New products and markets
Asian NOCs
M&A, PMI and Due
Deals aligned to competitive advantage,
value for all stakeholders, integration,
acceleration, due diligence on all (incl.
Service Companies

We can do this because:

▪ 100+ years of cutting edge experience in oil and gas

▪ Deep relations across the supply chain, operators, technology, digital providers and investors

▪ Worked on most existing and new operations / basins globally from strategy to operations to cost out

▪ Access to investment funds and partners



Fast, adaptive, parallel projects; repeatable, iterative engineering

Production excellence &market flexibility.

Portfolio Analytics and capitalallocation

Cross-functional, supply chain & cross-operator collaboration

Long-term partnerships to optimize value chain

Focus on margin over recovery, flexibility over perfection

New models e.g. BOTSS1

Short-cycle, consistent CF

Proven 30% cost-out methodology with continuous improvement and a further ~30% out with step-change business models, using techniques, e.g. ZBS2

Crack management team with deep and broad industry, government and regulator relationships assembled to fully leverage capabilitiesin a flat organization structure

At the forefront of the latest technologies & analytics/digital business models

Unparalleled strategic & analytics capabilities, leveraging the latest in big data



What we do: We acquire, farm-in or provide service support to exisiting operations,
commercialise discovered but stranded resources of 10-50MMBOE / 0.5 – 3.0 trillion cubic
feet (TCF) within Australasia by deploying proprietary capabilities, technologies, with
partners and link to the markets through off take, new energy and new markets

What we are not:

▪ Heavy in the bureaucratic ways of energy companies today

▪ High cost people and systems

▪ Bespoke in design

▪ High upfront capital focused

▪ Focused on recovery and marginal, high cost resources

▪ Etc.

Focus from 2018: Unlocking value from producing fields in the size of 5-50 BOEPD with
upside potential in redevelopment or new developments of smaller fields and larger gas
prospects. Initially, with strong market demand in Asia and significant access to assets that
will/are being traded or licenses being transitioned, the focus will be on Australia and Asia
where the team has 100+ years of experience in oil and gas. Bringing our capabilities in
operations, commercial management, strategy and technology, we will disrupt the Oil, Gas
and LNG value chains and rapidly extend the production to new energy sources in hydrogen,
mini-LNG and GTL/GTP to drive value, market access and create new demand - with partners.


Areas of focus :
- Advisory for transactions/ portfolios, Strategy, Cost-out and innovation in Development (faster, lower cost, modular)

- Exploration: partnering with Australasian independents to develop and execute strategies, financing support and conceptual design for valuations

- Development and Production: in data room on first asset (likely exclusive) and team has deep experience in all aspects. 2nd - 5th assets in 2019.

 All in 10-30 mn capital raising targets including any purchase price.

- Services: decommissioning service with RFI discussions ongoing and target start in 2019 for x00 wells over 3-4 years;

  rid supply in short markets with innovative delivery strategy through team/partners and or E&P customers;

  new logistic base in Asia where region’s existing ports are 2x the distance of Avenir’s and congested.

  Ours repurposed unused facilities and we will transition to a green , full service base with training facilities onsite to support offshore and other capabilities


We are a team with over 100+ years of experience in oil and gas engineering, operations, 
development, strategy and consulting. The team has driven growth, M&A, Due Diligence,
Asset transfers, operations efficiency, new technology deployment with a focus around 
Australia and Asia.

Contact Us

Avenir Energy is interested in partnerships for assets, operations, development and
investment as well as people who can turbo-charge the team. Please contact us at:

Phone: +65 8876 2224

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